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One Stop Consignment Shop

Great deals

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Welcome to my community. I have a ton of new and slightly used clothing and other items up for sale. Previously I have been taking my childrens clothing into a local consignment shop but since they only give you 40% and you are only able to take 25 items in a day I thought of doing my own online consignment shop.
All of the items listed are in great shape, may even be NEW and a brief description of each item as well as the price will be listed.
The photo's of the clothing will be large so that you can see them the best. I will however place them behind a lj cut.
Prices are very fair, if not extremely cheap! All shipping as well as the price of the item must be received before I will ship the items out. I will accept money orders, checks or cash, but cash is at your own risk!
Feel free to browse and be sure to check my community out regularly since I will be adding more clothing very often.
Thanks for looking.